Boat Safety - It is critically important that everyone who operates a boat on Crooked Lake have a working knowledge of Michigan Boating laws and how they apply to our lake. This is a link to the Michigan Boating Rules and Regulations Handbook. We have also included below a link to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Web site which includes additional details on boating rules and regulations.

Those rules include:

- You should travel in a counter clockwise direction when circling the lake.

- The area of the lake connecting the cove to the main area of the lake is a "NO WAKE ZONE". The Association marks that area with buoys in the Spring / Summer. It is important to remember this area is a "NO WAKE ZONE" at all times not only when the buoys are present.

Crooked Lake is no longer a NO WAKE lake

The Michigan Laws regulating Crooked and other inland lakes impose a mandatory NO WAKE zone within 100 feet of the shore, all docks, swim platforms and boats. On Crooked Lake this includes the channel between Crooked Lake Cove and the rest of the lake (this area is clearly marked with NO WAKE buoys). We ask all of our lake residents and their guests to follow the NO WAKE laws, as well as, all other Boating Safety laws (maintain appropriate distance from other boats, requirement to have a spotter when tubing / skiing, etc.). All of these NO WAKE areas are enforceable by local law enforcement.  


Last year the entire lake was made NO Wake because of the extremely high water / flooding, that was damaging homes and property around the lake. The Crooked Lake Texas Board agreed to monitor the lake level and reconsider that decision as the water level came down. The lake is now 20 +" below its highest level and with the high temperatures expected over the coming weeks, should continue to come down.  The Board has agreed to lift the voluntary lake wide NO WAKE because of the progress we have made and in recognition that many of our lake residents want to return to utilizing the lake at higher than NO WAKE speeds. We also recognize that some homeowners are still experiencing difficulties because of the high water and ask that all of our residents be considerate of others property. Enjoy the lake AND be considerate of your fellow lake residents.

Crooked Lake Texas Association

Texas Township, Michigan

​Lake usage notice

A weed treatment is taking place on Wednesday August 26. Please do not use the lake for 24 hours. Please see the notice left at your home for details. It is also recommended that you do not us lake water to water your lawn for at least 4 days.

Current News & Upcoming Events:

Washing your Boat to prevent Invasive Species from entering the Lake - Anytime you use your boat on another lake it should be thoroughly cleaned before putting it back into Crooked Lake. Many lakes have been negatively impacted by invasive species such as zebra muscles. We all need to do everything possible to prevent invasive species from getting establish in our lake.

Note - a second home page has been added to display all of the current news and upcoming events.  You will see the link to the second page when you hover over the word home in the menu at the top of each page. 

This is the Web Site of the Homeowner's Association for the residents of the South West Michigan community of Texas Township, who own homes around Crooked Lake. This site contains information about our lake and Association Activities.

Aeration update

The aeration system has been turned on in the West Basin ( big part of the lake). A new larger compressor was installed to replace the old one which was damaged by the high water. The other two compressions should be operational within the next couple of weeks.

😎🎸Sayonara to Summer with NATHAN DOUGLAS🎸😎

🤩Crooked Lake residents, save the date September 26th 7pm-10pm! 

🎸Nathan and band will be performing from our ramp site for a SPECIAL performance brought to you by our own lake resident, Ron Kitchens! 

💛We are super excited and thankful to be able to host an amazing Sayonara to Summer event! DON'T MISS IT! Grab your sweatshirt, load up your boat, sit back and relax!

Crooked Lake Texas township Facebook page - We wanted everyone to know about the Crooked Lake Facebook page.  It is set up to allow you to view the site with out logging into Facebook.   Clicking herewill take you to the Facebook home page.  

The latest Michigan State Boating Safety Regulations.

Click on the following link to open the 2016 Handbook of MI Boating Laws PDFfile.

OR you can go to the DNR page in the website to get the booklet