Crooked Lake Texas Lake Association Spring Newsletter Spring 2021   
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The lake is currently back down to our Legal Lake Level (LLL). We will continue to monitor the lake level. The augmentation pump will be turned on when the lake level is 8” below the LLL and turn it back off when it gets back to 4” below the LLL.  With Mother Nature's help, the balance between the pump, rain and evaporation will keep the lake between the LLL and the 8” below mark.

Crooked Lake Texas Association

Texas Township, Michigan

Concert on Crooked Lake:

Zion Lion is scheduled to play lake side on August 8 2021.

The concert will be held at the Boat Ramp starting at 5 PM.

Please mark your calendars.

More details will be provided as we get closer to that date.

Washing your Boat to prevent Invasive Species from entering the Lake - Anytime you use your boat on another lake it should be thoroughly cleaned before putting it back into Crooked Lake. Many lakes have been negatively impacted by invasive species such as zebra muscles. We all need to do everything possible to prevent invasive species from getting establish in our lake.

Crooked Lake Texas township Facebook page - We wanted everyone to know about the Crooked Lake Facebook page.  It is set up to allow you to view the site with out logging into Facebook.   Clicking here  will take you to the Facebook home page.  

This is the Web Site of the Homeowner's Association for the residents of the South West Michigan community of Texas Township, who own homes around Crooked Lake. This site contains information about our lake and Association Activities.

Current News & Upcoming Events:

​Long Term Flooding Solution Update - June 29, 2012:   

The short-term pumping project was successful in lowering our lake back to normal / targeted levels. That project has ended, the permit has expired, the pumps, filter and piping used for that project have been removed.  It worked so well that our lake level temporarily dropped 8" below the High-water Mark and we in accordance with our long-established practice, turned the augmentation pump on. It was on for a short time when we decided it would be prudent to verify the measurement process with the Township and we turned the pump off until that could be completed. We recently met with the Township engineer and in fact confirmed that the measurements we have been taking were accurate.

The court recently approved the proposed “Legal Lake Level” (LLL). The LLL is identical to the high water mark we have been using for many years to determine when to turn on and turn off our augmentation pump.

The Township’s Flooding Task Force has been working with the Kalamazoo Drain Commissioner to implement a long-term solution to the high-water problem and the court’s decision to approve the LLL was a major milestone in that process. Unfortunately, the Drain Commissioner does not anticipate completing the installation of the solution until 2022. 

Earlier this Spring we were experiencing drought conditions.  Now the recent rains have pushed the Lake Level just above the LLL / high water mark and the forecast is for more rain. Unfortunately none of us can control Mother Nature! The summer’s normally hot weather historically lowers the lake’s water level, and we all hope it again helps manage the lake level until the long-term fix is in place.

Crooked Lake Texas Board

Weed Control and Herbicide usage 

Some things you should know (7/2021)

 Some of our Lake Residents believe you should NEVER put Herbicides in the lake and refer to any use of herbicide as putting “poison” in the lake. Others feel we should continually treat whenever weeds or algae interferes with their beach, boat, view etc. Some lake Residence express their opinions in a reasonable constructive way and other do not. We have attempted to find middle ground and only treat when absolutely necessary. When both our lake management company recommend it and we do not see a reasonable alternative. Our focus has been on managing invasive species, since they can have the biggest negative impact on the lake’s health. Individual property Owners are expected to maintain their beach and dock areas. One example of this is the management of Lily Pads. Those of us who have Lily Pads in front of our property must manage them or live with them

We have an annual contract with Restorative Lake Sciences (RLS). They provide testing service and overall lake management guidance including an annual survey of the lake's weed growth. When we observe or are alerted to a potential issue, we generally utilize their expertise to help develop a response. Weed & Algae growth in normal in lakes. Some weeds are good for fishing and the overall health of the lake. Invasive species and over growth of native species can be detrimental to the lake's health and our enjoyment of the lake. We will continue to work with RLS to determine an appropriate plan of action for our Lake and its ongoing health. We cannot and should not try to control every aspect of the lake but will attempt to manage those things most likely to negatively impact it's overall health.

SAD 1 was established to pay for the augmentation pump and weed control. The money collected is used to pay for pump maintenance, electricity to run the pump, WEED CONTROL and to build up a reserve to pay for a new well / pump in the future when needed. The Township suspended collection of SAD 1 for three years (2020 -2022) when they established a SAD to pay for the short term Flooding remediation project. This helped manage our individual Real Estate Taxes but limited the amount of money, we have to pay ongoing expenses. We have not had the usual expenses related to pumping because of the high water.   This has allowed us to utilize the reserves we do have in that account, to pay for weed control and our related expenses, despite the suspension of collecting SAD 1. We need to get through the rest of this year AND next year with those reserves. We do not know what the water level will be next year. If it remains high we will not need to utilize the pump but must continue to maintain the pump and well but hopefully no major issues will need to be addressed. If the water is low, we will be expected to run the pump and must be prepared to do so.

We encourage anyone experiencing an unusual weed problem to contact a Board member and share the details of that issue. We will investigate and respond.

All areas within 100 feet of the shore, any docks or platforms, swimmers and other boats is a “NO WAKE” area.

Please exercise caution when swimmers and / or other boats are using the Lake.

Boat Safety - It is critically important that everyone who operates a boat on Crooked Lake have a working knowledge of Michigan Boating laws and how they apply to our lake. This is a link to the Michigan Boating Rules and Regulations Handbook. We have also included below a link to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Web site which includes additional details on boating rules and regulations.

Those rules include:

- You should travel in a counter clockwise direction when circling the lake.

- The area of the lake connecting the cove to the main area of the lake is a "NO WAKE ZONE". The Association marks that area with buoys in the Spring / Summer. It is important to remember this area is a "NO WAKE ZONE" at all times not only when the buoys are present.

​All areas within 100 feet of the shore, any docks or platforms, swimmers and other boats is a “NO WAKE” area.

Please exercise caution when swimmers and / or other boats are using the Lake.

Boat Safety / Michigan rules & Regulations - submitted by Helen and Kristina Lemmer
Everyone operating a watercraft on Crooked Lake should be familiar with overall Watercraft safety and Michigan’s watercraft laws. A handbook detailing Michigan Boating Laws is available at 

   Those laws include the following:
- A person shall not operate a PWC on the waters of this state from sunset to 8:00 A.M local time. (no jet-skis after sunset)
- A person of less than fourteen (14) years of age may not legally operate a PWC under any circumstances.
- PWCs not cross within 150 feet behind another vessel, other than another PWC, unless at slow, no wake speed. 
- A person operating a vessel shall operate it in a careful and prudent manner and at such a rate of speed so as not to unreasonably endanger the life or property of any person. A person shall not operate a vessel at a rate of speed greater than will permit them, in the exercise of reasonable care, to bring the vessel to stop within an assured clear distance ahead. 
- All watercraft must operate at “No Wake Speed” when within 100 Ft of the shore, other boats,  docks, swimming platforms, etc. This includes the channel between the middle basin and the east basin (hidden cove)

As a result of this law, CLTA recommends that:
- After sunset (including during twilight) boats operate at no wake speeds. This has been the standard on Crooked Lake for many years.
- CLTA highly encourage everyone operating a watercraft to take an online boating safety course: