Lake Level Policy

Crooked Lake Texas is a natural, seepage, pothole or ground water level lake. It is not a spring-fed or tributary-fed lake, nor does it have any inlets or outlets. It relies on precipitation and runoff to maintain its level. The lake also serves as a recharge basin for the aquifers below the surface and this "draining" effect, coupled with warm weather evaporation, significantly lowers the lake level during the summer months.

The Association owns and operates a well and pump station to maintain a lake level that allows all lake property owners access to the lake. The CLTA has established a desired lake-level mark for the lake of 895.45 feet, (10,745.43 inches), above sea level. The CLTA Board monitors the lake level and turns the pump on / off as need to maintain the desired lake level. 

The Association membership established the following policy regarding operation of the pump:

The lake augmentation pump is to be turned on in the Spring when the water level is 8” below the normal high water mark. During the Summer it is turned off when the water level reaches 4” below the normal high water mark.

The CLTA annual Boat parade will be held in 2019. The date and time will be announced. The boat parade is judge completion with Kudo's going the first three places and photos of their hard work being published in the web site.

CLTA Annual Summer Fun Day
The Date and schedule of the 2019 Fun day will be announced on this Website when the date is selected.

Water / Lake Quality

The Association Board has contracted with Restorative Lake Sciences (18406 West Spring Lake Road Spring Lake, MI 49456) to monitor the water quality of our lake. Jennifer Jermalowicz-Jones is our primary contact.

Boat Parade - The 2017 boat parade 3rd place winners are the Bassetts.

Lake Level / Pump Operations

​The Association owns and operates a high capacity well and pump to assist in maintaining tan established water level within the lake. We are primarily dependent upon rain water to provide water for the lake. We utilize the well / pump to add water when the rain fall is not sufficient to maintain an expectable level. The board through years of measurement has established an expected water level for the lake. We have also established a policy of when the pump operates and when it is turned off based on the  water level.  


Boat Parade - The 2017 boat parade 1st place winners are the Steinbachs.

Boat Parade - The 2017 boat parade 2nd place winners are the Branigans.

Purple Loosestrife Beetles

For the past few years, the Lake Association has implemented a Purple Loosestrife Beetle Project on Crooked Lake Texas. The beetles, (raised by Vicksburg High School in conjunction with the Kalamazoo Nature Center), eat only Purple Loosestrife and have been successful in limiting the spread of this invasive plant in other wetland projects throughout Michigan. Thanks to voluntary donations, along with a contribution form the Crooked Lake Texas Association, we have purchased a substantial number of plants bearing the beetles. We have experienced positive results around our lake and intend to continue this program.

The Crooked Lake Association will once again purchase Purple Loosestrife Beetles in 2017.  In the pictures below you will see evidence of what the beetles have done. Our thanks go out to all those lake residents who have contributed to this project.

This is how the Beetles are delivered                                                    Evidence that the beetles are doing their job.

Laminer Flow Aeration Project

The Association has contracted with Lake Savers, LLC to install and manage a laminar Flow Aeration system through our the lake. John Tucci President