​​Name: Sandy Steinbach
Office: Director At Large
Current Term: May 2020 - May 2022
Crooked Lake Resident Since 2014     

 Lesa has been a proud Crooked Lake resident since 2015 and feels honored to serve on various committees for this wonderful lake! She and her family enjoy all the residents here and despite their busy schedule, make time during the weekends to enjoy the lake especially boating. When she's not on the lake, Lesa works as a personal trainer, runs marathons, and serves as a special needs advocate. She has an 8 yr old autistic son who enjoys building anything out of Legos and a 5 yr old daughter who is on a traveling competition dance team! She's excited to be more involved with the inner-workings of Crooked Lake and interacting with all of its residents

​​Name: Roy Holmberg
Office: Director At Large
Current Term: May 2020 - May 2022
Crooked Lake Resident Since 2017      

The current CLTA Board of Directors:

director's bio

Rod first swam in Crooked Lake in 1967 when he was a guest of his Kalamazoo College classmate’s and future wife Nancy’s grandparents’ cottage.  Rod and Nancy were both educators in the Chicago suburbs.  Rod taught social studies, but also some English and German during his 34 years in Oak Park, Illinois.  Rod and Nancy were frequent visitors to the house her parents built on the site of the original family cottage.  Once the decision to retire was made, it was an easy choice choosing to drink coffee each morning overlooking Crooked Lake.  The Krapfs remodeled the family home and moved permanently to North Crooked Lake Drive in 2008.  Their time is now spent expanding their interest in gardening, tennis and travel. 

Name: Chuck Buxton
Office: Director At Large
Current Term: May 2020 - May 2022
Crooked Lake Resident Since 1979

 Russ is serving in his first term as President of the Lake Association.  Russ grew up in New Jersey attending the University of New Hampshire and Rutgers University.  He retired from Ashland Distribution in Dublin Ohio then worked for Total Plastics in Kalamazoo.  He retired for the second and final time and is enjoying living on Crooked Lake and traveling the world with his wife Suzanne.

Roy is a newer member to the CLTA Board of Directors. He previously lived on Long Lake in Portage, MI; and prior to that grew up along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Muskegon, MI. Roy, his wife, and two young children are water  enthusiasts and enjoy as many activities on the lake as they can.  Roy holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Business Administration, and has worked for Stryker for 10+ years.

Sandy Steinbach, a longtime area financial executive, is an Accounting Director at Ceterus, Inc., a privately held, rapidly growing "Done-for-You" accounting and benchmark reporting firm for nationwide Franchises,  with a local office in Kalamazoo.  Previously, Sandy has held various financial leadership roles at Forensic Fluids, Western Michigan University, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Stryker, Kellogg Company and Plante and Moran.  She earned her CPA degree and two degrees at Western Michigan University, a bachelor's degree in accounting and a master's degree in finance. She has served four years on the WMU Foundation as a board member and finance chair, has taught accounting courses at Western Michigan University as an adjunct faculty member and also served as the finance director for the American Red Cross.  Sandy and her husband Gary moved to Crooked Lake Texas from Portage in 2014 in order to enjoy their retirement years on our beautiful private lake.

​​Name: Lesa Newby
Office: Vice-President
Current Term: May 2011 - May 2023
Crooked Lake Resident Since 2015     

Name: Rod Krapf
Office: Secretary
Current Term: May 2021 - May 2023
Crooked Lake Resident Since 1997

​​Name: Open
Office: Director At Large
Current Term: May 2020 - May 2022
Crooked Lake Resident Since

Rodney is a sole practitioner C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant) serving individuals and small business clients.  He joined the Lake Association in 2006 and has served in various roles including Director, Vice President, President and currently as Treasurer.

CLTA Board Members​

According to the CLTA Bylaws, the affairs of the Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be composed of a minimum of a President, Vice President and two Directors with a maximum of 10 members. The terms of office of each Director shall be two years. The officers are selected from the board members by a vote of the elected board members.

Name: Dot DeYoung
Office: Director at Large
Current Term: May 2019- May 2023
Crooked Lake Resident Since 2003 

Name: Russ Walters
Office: President
Current Term: May 2021 - May 2023
Crooked Lake Resident Since 2007           Phone: 614-264-1717 

E-Mail: rmwalters@aol.com

Chuck holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering and worked for the Upjohn Company and Pharmacia/Upjohn for 29+ years.  Chuck and his family have been connected to Crooked Lake for 35+ years enjoying the many activities and tranquility their summer cottage on the lake provided.    Two years ago his family worked together to design and build a permanent residence on Crooked Lake in the location of their original cottage. He is looking forward to his long-awaited retirement enjoying the natural beauty that is Crooked Lake.

Name: Rodney Nimtz
Office: Treasurer
Current Term: May 2020- May 2022
Crooked Lake Resident Since 2002

Prior to moving to Crooked Lake, Dot served as the Manager of the Utility Business Office at the City of Wyoming.  She later was a contractor in the Pfizer Engineering Department prior to retiring.  Dot was first elected to the CLTA Board in 2005, serving as both a Director and Secretary.  Dot has a geographically split family - one daughter and two granddaughters in Michigan; and one daughter and two granddaughers in Texas.

Professionally Sanjay is a nephrologist serving Southwest Michigan for the past 31 years of medical practice after completion of his training at Loyola University in Maywood, Illinois. He served as a member of the Board of Trustees of Ascension Borgess Hospital from 2008-2017.  He has presided over Paragon Health PC, a local Independent Physician Practitioners Association for over 15 years and established a network of dialysis centers with the help of his partners and Fresenius Kidney Care at over 20 locations in the Southwest Michigan area; he has been a Medical Director at three of them.  He has served the local CLTA committee for the flooding project for the past year.  

Name: Sanjay Dalal
Office: Director at Large
Current Term: May 2021 – May 2023
Crooked Lake Resident Since 2009