Washing your Boat to prevent Invasive Species from entering the Lake - Anytime you use your boat on another lake it should be thoroughly cleaned before putting it back into Crooked Lake. Many lakes have been negatively impacted by invasive species such as zebra muscles. We all need to do everything possible to prevent invasive species from getting establish in our lake.

Michigan Boating Safety 

​All areas within 100 feet of the shore, any docks or platforms, swimmers and other boats is a “NO WAKE” area.  Please exercise caution when swimmers and / or other boats are using the Lake.

It is critically important that everyone who operates a boat on Crooked Lake have a working knowledge of Michigan Boating laws and how they apply to our lake. This is a link to the Michigan Boating Rules and Regulations Handbook. We have also included below a link to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Web site which includes additional details on boating rules and regulations.

Boat Safety / Michigan rules & Regulations -
Everyone operating a watercraft on Crooked Lake should be familiar with overall Watercraft safety and Michigan’s watercraft laws. A handbook detailing Michigan Boating Laws is available at

Those laws include the following:

  • A person shall not operate a PWC on the waters of this state from sunset to 8:00 A.M local time. (no jet-skis after sunset)
  • A person of less than fourteen (14) years of age may not legally operate a PWC under any circumstances.
  • PWCs not cross within 150 feet behind another vessel, other than another PWC, unless at slow, no wake speed. 
  • A person operating a vessel shall operate it in a careful and prudent manner and at such a rate of speed so as not to unreasonably endanger the life or property of any person. A person shall not operate a vessel at a rate of speed greater than will permit them, in the exercise of reasonable care, to bring the vessel to stop within an assured clear distance ahead. 
  • All watercraft must operate at “No Wake Speed” when within 100 Ft of the shore, other boats,  docks, swimming platforms, etc. This includes the channel between the middle basin and the east basin (hidden cove)
  • Direction of travel is counterclockwise when circling the lake.
  • The area of the lake connecting the cove to the main area of the lake is a "NO WAKE ZONE". The Association marks that area with buoys in the Spring / Summer. It is important to remember this area is a "NO WAKE ZONE" at all times not only when the buoys are present.
  • CLTA highly encourage everyone operating a watercraft to take an online boating safety course:https://www.boat-ed.com/michigan/


Crooked Lake Aeration System Permit –

Our aeration system requires a permit from Michigan EGLE to operate. The original permit has expired and an application for a new permit was submitted months ago. Unfortunately, EGLE is still reviewing our permit application and the system cannot run without the new permit. They have requested additional data that requires multiple samplings (not required for the initial / expired permit).  We will be collecting the last of those samples in September (it cannot be collected earlier). That should give us the required data. We will submit that data as soon as possible and have asked EGLE to expedite the review that data. We HOPE to get their decision regarding approving the permit in October (unfortunately not guaranteed). 

Prepay the lake level assessment

“The prepayment date for the Crooked and Eagle Lakes lake level assessment has been slightly extended to accommodate property owners that desire to prepay their assessment. The extended deadline is Monday, June 26 at 4:30PM. To coordinate prepayment, please visit the Office of the Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner located at 201 West Kalamazoo Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI 49007. You may also mail payment to the Drain Commissioner at that address, but please be aware of the prepayment deadline as late payments will not be received. Prepayments should be made by check in the amount owed and made payable to “Kalamazoo County.”

Do not hesitate to contact the Drain Commissioner’s Office at 269-384-8117 or https://www.kalcounty.com/drain/.”

Erik J. Wilson
Charter Township of Texas
7110 West Q Avenue | Kalamazoo, MI 49009
Office: 269.375.1591
Direct: 269.548.4309

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New update on the lake level appropriations.  Need to wait to determine our actual cost for the lake level project.

From: tom rogers <rogerstom2000@yahoo.com>
Date: June 29, 2023 at 1:23:26 PM EDT
To: rmwalters@aol.com
Subject: $2.2 million coming to our lake project from the state
My daughter, State representative Julie Rogers, let me know that senator Sean McCann was named Deputy appropriations committee chair back in May and would be setting his final budget priorities the next week.
I relayed this to Trish Roberts & Eric Wilson at the township and Eric reach out to McCann’s office & sent him a packet on our project & cost.
Big results last night the two chambers past the budget which contains $2.2 million in appropriations for our project. And it had enough votes to have immediate affect!
This is welcome news for all of us that were shocked by the new price tag we got in the mail!
Regards, Tom Rogers